★Sightseeing spots in Kitami
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Sightseeing spots in Kitami

Student of Kitami Institute of Technology

耿 迪(male, from China )

I have lived in Kitami approximately for three years.
I recommend visitors to visit the Kitami Mint Memorial Museum when selecting Kitami souvenirs. Kitami specialties, such as confectionery made using mint as well as onion soup, are prepared among other varieties of goods in the museum. In addition, on the premises of the museum, there is the mint reference material house, and it will give you unusual chances to observe a demonstration of natural mint distillation and to watch many materials on mint. I also recommend tourists to visit the herb park, Hanaeru, in the Onneyu hot spring resort. The well-arranged herb fields are appeared when you go through small buildings, and visitors must relax when walking along the fields while enjoying smells of herbs on sunny days. I thought that if herb teas are served and visitors can make pressed flowers, the charm of the site will be increased. My first impression on Kitami is to be a small town. Although the transportation is sometimes inconvenient, Kitami residents are kind and have warm hearts. I feel keenly that it was good decision for me to live in Kitami.