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This land lies south of the sea of okhotsk.
Introduction of food culture of Kitami
Why? An aquarium in the mountains! 【Why? An aquarium in the mountains!】(3:02)
The Northen Aquarium "Kitano Daichi Suizokukan" Full of unique,heartwarming ideas and unforgettable sights.
Why? Sweets in Kitami! 【Why? Sweets in Kitami!】(3:59)
Gift of the White Fields, "Kitami Sweets"
Why? Craft beer in Kitami! 【Why? Craft beer in Kitami!】(3:32)
We've made this beer so Kitami locals can savor their beloved local ingredients.
Why? Kitami is renowned for Shio Yakisoba! 【Why? Kitami is renowned for Shio Yakisoba!】(2:41)
Proudly promoting our town with local cuisine! A yearly contestant in the "B-1 Grand Prix"!
Why? Curling in Kitami! 【Why? Curling in Kitami!】(3:47)
Please stop by Tkoro+cho in Kitami,and give curling a try
Why? A curry rice marathon! 【Why? A curry rice marathon!】(3:25)
participants collect special local products of Kitami's Tanno district,such as onions, carrots, and potatoes, then make curry rice to enjoy with family and friends.
Why? Herbs in Kitami! 【Why? Herbs in Kitami!】(3:06)
Kitami once produced 70% of the world's mint.
Why? Herbs in Kitami! 【The theme is "Enjoy winter in KI, TA, MI Hokkaido". vol.1】(4:45)
Why? Herbs in Kitami! 【The theme is "Enjoy winter in KI, TA, MI Hokkaido". vol.2】(3:20)