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Sightseeing base with great potential

Kitami boasts rich natural environment and various regional natural resources, developing as the agriculture-forestry-and-fishing-based major urban area of business and economics in the Okhotsk region. In addition, universities, local regions, companies and governments work together to develop local industries and to foster new industries with the aim of realizing vital local areas. The Kitami region has one of the biggest “gold mines of foods” in the nation, and holds various kinds of sightseeing resources, such as the wooden crafts made utilizing the area’s rich wooden resources, vast idyllic scenery, hot springs for healing, the culture of ancient Okhotsk people, the remains of indigenous people and the series of industrial heritages relating to mint, which has been contributed to the development of Kitami. The Eastern Hokkaido, where Kitami City is located, has many nation’s representative natural parks, including the World Natural Heritage site, Shiretoko National Park, and Abashiri Quasi-National Park, which is famous for Drift Ice coming to the area and rich in aquatic resources, Akan National Park, which is known for Japanese red-crowned cranes and hot springs, Kushiro Marsh National Park with its unique and valuable ecosystems. In addition, the city is directly connected with Asahikawa, where the popular Asahiyama Zoo is located, and Daisetsuzan National Park, which has Sounkyo Hot Spring, with national roads, and it takes between one and three hours to go to the areas. So, Kitami is the best place to launch on motorcoach tours and easy driving. Please visit Kitami, which shows you different charms depending on seasons. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.