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Festivals and event

Student of Kitami Institute of Technology

劉俊俏(female, from China )

I have come to Kitami from China to study two years ago.
The Kitami Bonchi Festival is the most impressive event in Kitami.
The students from foreign countries in Kitami take part in the festival wearing Japanese traditional clothes, which were presented to us. Since even foreign visitors are allowed to participate in the event,I hope every visitor will join in the festival.
In the next place, I introduce the famous Kitami Chrysanthemum Festival. For this Japanese-unique festival, chrysanthemums are lined up to shape Japanese samurais and princess. I was really impressed by learning that the staff worked until late at night to make so many dolls. In Kitami, a variety of festivals, such as the spring festival and rice-cake making at the Kitami Institute of Technology, are also prepared.

Kitami enjoys being one of the regions with the longest hours of sunlight in the nation, the best area for sports and outdoor activities. Why don’t you feel Kitami by yourself through various kinds of festivals and sports?

Since Kitami witnesses many fine and comfortable days and is the best place for the sport training camps, many groups across the nation visit the city to stay together in camp for training. The city is also ready to host training camps from abroad.